Matt Joyce Starting Season In CF

Today, Matt Joyce was announced as the starting CF for the start of the season. This was a long stretch for Joyce at the start of Spring  Training but because of injuries to B.J. Upton and Fernando Perez there really is not a better option for the Rays.  I’m just not sold on the “Gabe Brothers,” Gabe Gross and Gabe Kapler to provide any real pop to the team.  So, I hope Joyce proves his potential and just cuts them out of the mix and becomes the starting RF when Upton returns.

Another idea I had and just dont know why its not being done, is to sign Gary Sheffield to the league minimum and see what happens.  There is nothing but upside that can come from signing him, especially when he wants to play here and wants to prove he still has some baseball left in the tank. He only needs one homerun to hit the 500 hr milestone and is from the Tampa Bay area, graduating from Hillsborough High School. If he doesnt pan out just cut him. To me he brings more to the table than the “Gabe Brothers” do.

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