It's About Time Pena

There was one  good sign I guess we could say about the 4-6 loss last night against the Yanks. Our hit or miss first baseman Carlos Pena ended his 0-21 slump this Spring and belted a dinger. This really isn’t that big of a surprise for Pena,  as most of us know the guy either strikes out or hits a HR. But starting out the spring 0-21 is just not acceptable.

The Hank Blalock signing may turn out to be a good one if Pena keeps this act up during the regular season. Although Blalock is not much different of an offensive player as Pena, a little wake up sign might make him step up his game and hit the damn ball. I’m not saying this will happen at all or that I want it to happen but I know if Pena starts out the season on a slump like this the fans are going to want to know whats going  on with him and want a change of some kind.

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