Maddon Switching The Line Up For Opening Day

I previously stated in the last post the projected line up for Opening Day. Well it seems Joe Maddon has a different view of what the line up should be facing Kevin Millwood in the opener against the Orioles.”Just the type of pitcher Millwood is, it seemed like what those two guys are able to do — I’m talking about Navvy and Sean — and what their strengths are in regard to attacking the hitting zone,” Maddon said, “we thought that that would work out best.”

Here is the line up Maddon has set for the opener.

  1. Jason Bartlett SS
  2. Carl Crawford LF
  3. Ben Zobrist RF
  4. Evan Longoria 3B
  5. Carlos Pena 1B
  6. BJ Upton LF
  7. Pat “thank you Tampa for my ridiculous contract” Burrell DH
  8. Sean Rodriguez 2B
  9. Dioneer Navarro C

“I just think if Sean sits behind Pat, [Burrell has] got a better shot at a pitch than if Navvy did, right now, as of today,” Maddon said. Burrell really needs to step up his game and at least make some contact. I would hate to see 16 million wasting space on the bench. I am very excited to see how many runs this line up can produce this season. This is a very young and dynamic team to watch and great for baseball. Who would have known the “player to be named” in the Scott Kazmir trade would be in the starting line up on the season opener? I sure as hell didn’t.

James Shields will make his 3rd consecutive opening day start and should do very well against a top heavy Orioles line up.

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