Rays Stats To Admire

  • From Tom Verducci of SI.com
  • In its first 28 games Tampa Bay outscored its opponents by 83 runs. That’s such an absurd pace that if the Rays kept it up they would finish with a run differential of +480. For context, it would blow away the run differentials of the 1998 Yankees (+309), 1927 Yankees (+376) and 1939 Yankees (+411), three of the greatest teams of all time.
  • Wade DavisMatt GarzaDavid Price and Jeff Niemann, for instance, rank 6-7-8-9 in the league for greatest percentage of fastballs.
  • The Rays are only the seventh team in the 15 full seasons with the wild-card format to go 21-7 at the start of a season. Of the previous six, five won their division, including two eventual world champions. Only the 2002 Red Sox started 21-7 and didn’t make the playoffs — and they won 93 games. And the average win total for those six teams? Try 103.
  • MLB Team Hitting Rankings:  Runs – 1st, RBI’s – 1st, SB’s – 4th, OBP – 8th
  • MLB Team Pitching Rankings:  ERA – 3rd, Shutouts – 2nd, ER – 3rd, WHIP – 2nd, SLG – 7th, OBA – 1st
  • MLB Individual Leaders Runs:  Evan Longoria – 1st, Carl Crawford – 6th
  • MLB Individual Leaders Hits:  Evan Longoria – 5th
  • MLB Individual Leaders 2b:  Carl Crawford -3rd
  • MLB Individual Leaders RBI: Evan Longoria – 5th
  • MLB Individual Leaders TB:  Evan Longoria – 4th
  • MLB Pitching Leaders IP:  Matt Garza – 4th
  • MLB Pitching Leaders W’s:  Matt Garza – 2nd
  • MLB Pitching Leaders K’s:  James Shields – 5th

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