Who are you cheering for in this World Series?

Who are you cheering for?

The World Series is in full swing and the two teams playing have several former Rays on each roster. For Texas, Josh Hamilton leads the Rangers with his bat and glove in the outfield. The former Ray, after a troubled time while in the Rays organization, has found a second life in Texas. On the Giants side there is Aubrey Huff, a former Devil Ray and veteran slugger for the Rays. Then there is Pat “forgot his bat” Burrell, who had one pathetic year for the Rays.

The question is, who are you cheering for in this series? I know our Rays are not in this series, but this is the World Series and the real baseball fans will be watching the games? So who are you cheering for, Hamilton and the Rangers or Huff/Burrell and the Giants? Leave your comments below and let the debate begin!

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