Kelly Shoppach Update

Kelly Shoppach’s option for 2012 was not picked up by the Rays on Monday but that does not mean he won’t be in a Rays uniform next year. The Rays were not likely to pay Shoppach the 3.2 million he would have been due if they would have agreed to keep him. That is way too much to pay a guy who batted .176 in 87 games for the Rays last year. Shoppach had said that he wanted to return to the Rays next year, but was that based on the contract he would have been signed to or if he really wanted to stay with the Rays for another year? Either way Shoppach seemed to be a good fit with the pitching staff and was effective at throwing out runners. If the Rays can sign him to a lower price tag, and it seems like they may be able to, it wouldn’t surprise me if Shoppach returns to Tampa in the end.

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