Show Your Passion for the Rays With the Rays Browser Theme

An exciting development happened recently as teamed up with and the Tampa Bay Rays to create the Tampa Bay Rays browser theme.

With this theme, available for free on the Rays’ official website for Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, keeping up with the Rays becomes just so much easier. The theme gives you a cool Rays image on the top of your browser (in the second image, the “TB Rays” on the top) and makes the top of your browser the dark blue of the Rays’ uniforms. You also get a “Rays bar” on the top of your browser whenever you go to a website that provides quick links to the Rays’ official website,, the scoreboard, tickets for the Rays, and the Rays’ Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also “search with the Rays,” giving you the comfort of the Rays logo with the beautiful powder blue background as you search the web (the first image). But the coolest part may be that on the right of the “Rays bar” are the Rays’ top stories from appearing one after another so even if you’re doing something else online, you can see what’s going on with your Rays. (And then you can see analysis of that news on if you so choose- or any of the other great Rays websites online.) The Rays Theme makes it easy to follow the Rays and give you quick access to the Rays information you need. The link to download the theme is here: Please check it out.

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