April 8, 2012; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Rays first baseman Carlos Pena (right) runs around the bases after he hit a home run and New York Yankees starting pitcher Phil Hughes (65) reacts in the third inning at Tropicana Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

Playoff Feel

When the Rays played the Yankees the first week of the season, it didn’t feel like April- it felt like October. The two teams were fighting each other punch for punch and although the Rays would come away with a sweep, it sure wasn’t easy. We saw players step up their game and others falter. We saw power and pitching, dominance and implosion. It felt great. It made us realize that baseball was indeed back, but more than that, the feeling, the exhilaration, the rush through our bodies, that came every second of those games. The Rays and Yankees are two excellent baseball teams. They are division rivals but have never played in the postseason. The Yankees were always the Rays’ bullying older brother, possessing the money and the shiny toys and beating up his younger sibling. There always seem to be more Yankee fans at Tropicana Field than Rays fans when the two teams play. But the tides are turning. The Rays are a young roster still on the way up- the Yankees are an All-Star team, but an aging one. But nothing is set in stone. Don’t let anyone tell you the early-season baseball doesn’t matter. These teams will go at it and leave everything field and it’s going to be something to watch. Enjoy this 3-game set, Rays fans and Yankee fans.

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