Now Calling Leslie Anderson?

As the rosters have expanded, teams are making their callups from the minor leagues. Thus far, the Rays have called up six players – Jeff Niemann, Cesar Ramos, Rich Thompson, Reid Brignac, Brandon Gomes, Dane De La Rosa, and Stephen Vogt. As the minor league seasons begin to wind down, more players are expected to be called up soon.

One of the players that would seemingly have an opportunity for a September callup would be Leslie Anderson. This season, Anderson has put together a line of .309/.356/.452 with 14 home runs, 21 doubles, and 56 RBI. His .309 batting average ranks third in the International League, trailing only the slap hitting Jose Constanza and Mauro Gomez. Anderson has been versatile this season for Durham, appearing in twenty or more games at first base, left field, and right field.

Theoretically, calling up Leslie Anderson would seem to make sense. First off, Triple-A Durham’s season is over, so would not be losing a key player in their lineup. Secondly, Carlos Pena essentially been a black hole in the lineup, and has lost playing time to Jeff Keppinger at first base. So, why not see what they have in Anderson, and give him a chance?

Part of the problem may be due tot he fact that Anderson is not on the 40 man roster. To promote him, they would need to add him to the 40 man roster, which can be done with any player in the minor leagues at any time. However, since the Rays already have every spot on the 40 man roster filled, they would need to place one of those players on waivers, and risk losing their services. Considering the 40 man roster has players such as Thompson and Josh Lueke currently taking up space, would this be much of a loss?

Apparently, the Rays believe so. As unlikely as it would seem to be that a player like Thompson would be claimed due to his two total major league hits or a player like Lueke would be claimed for his 7.25 ERA in the majors and 5.59 ERA at Triple-A this year, the Rays seemingly would prefer to retain their services instead of giving Anderson a trial for fifty or so at bats.

Next season, Anderson is heading into the final year of a four year, $1.725Million contract signed in 2010. Perhaps he gets a chance to prove that he can contribute on the major league level in 2013, as their would appear to be room for him on the 40 man roster. However, between his age, 30, and his lack of progress until this season, Anderson appears to be buried as organizational filler, regardless of his performance.

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  • Chris Rhodes

    Yeah cutting lose Brignac and Pena would be horrible there so spectular and average defensively and noone would pick them though waivers so why not screw Leslie Anderson and not give him a chance!!! Oh yeah the RAYS are already doing that by making it primary goal to keep them and make sure to carry 4 yes 4 CATCHERS awesome right sure one is also a speedy outfielder right? NO
    Why no trade for Ben Franciso a 30 plus year old outfielder who is big in Ks and a subpar hitter? Oh yeah RAYS did that while trading aware a future player… brilliant! !
    Or why not bring back another awesome infielder crushing at the plate who is dumb even to break his wrist to see if that helps his hitting? Oh yeah RAYS did that Sean Rodriquez!!! A smoking hot hitter at 218 batting average too.
    Yep who needs a guy who next to never strikes out in like LA. or hits 309 and can play three positions like RF LF 1st Base or even CF if needed like in CUBA ???
    YEP MADDON FRIEDMAN screw Leslie Anderson like you missed out with Josh Hamiliton maybe they both suck!!!
    NO you GUYS S%K by not calling up Leslie Anderson surpisely in a town of Cuban Baseball fans ( I happen to not be CUBAN or expert of Cuban Baseball)
    BUT Don’t take a genius to know your screwing up a shot with Leslie Anderson!!!!

  • Mike

    He should have been the first call up. It seems they don’t want to bruise the fragile ego of their other potential first basemen. Joe may be one of the best managers in baseball, but his loyalty gets in the way of his evaluation of players. Pena and Scott may be great people, but they are not playing baseball as well as anticipated, Anderson should have gotten a chance over Brinac or Thompson.

    It’s nice that J-Mo has improved; but after the last ‘away series’ with the Angels, it was clear that J-Mo was from an old association of the 2002 Angels. If you look at the first game of the season, Shields call off his call 30 or 40 times. J-Mo may have played hurt more than the Rays admit, but he still should have been gone before now.

    • Chris Rhodes

      Agree J Mo is a joke too!!! Needs to be gone next season and go with Lobaton or Gimenez or Vogt

  • Chris Rhodes

    Seems like Leslie Anderson wouldve made hell of alot better sense than Pena pitch hitting for Elliot Johnson in the 9th to start the inning or in place of Pena’s “K producing brother of another mother” Ben Fransico in the 7th and 9th. I’m a believer Maddon is a good Manager but with this situation he’s missing the boat not bringing up the 3rd leading Hitter in AAA who puts the ball in play and doesn’t strike out! Give us a .300 hitter cause we don’t have but one n Keppinger….