Apr 8, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon (70) argues a strike call ending the game against the Texas Rangers with umpire Mike Everitt (57) at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The Rangers won 5-4. Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Rays Notes: Rays' Reactions to the Blown Call for the Ages

The night has come and gone and we still can’t begin to comprehend what happened last night. After a play like that to lose them the game, no one on the Rays was happy in the slightest, and Joe Maddon was frustrated as we’ve ever seen.

Just minutes after the game, Maddon let that tweet out. Bad calls happen and teams will have to deal with plenty of them over the course of the season, but Maddon believed that Marty Foster’s call crossed a line. You can’t argue balls and strikes, but for a call like that in that situation- the Rays down by a run and Evan Longoria coming to the plate with the tying run on 2nd- that was inexcusable. Based on that tweet alone, it seems like Maddon completely lost it, but Foster complemented Maddon following the game for his professionalism.

“Joe was not violent,” Foster said. “Joe was very professional. He was frustrated. … He acted probably the best he can under that situation.”

Speaking of Foster, he apologized following the game for his blown call, saying that “Had I had a chance to do it again I wouldn’t call that pitch a strike.” We talked about how Foster’s mistake happened earlier today, and while it was an honest mistake (Foster doesn’t deserve all the antagonism fans are giving him right now), his mistake could not have come at a worse time.

Ben Zobrist was furious at the call when it happened, but he was amazingly calm when he talked following the game.

“It was a tough time to have a bad call,” he said. “I just hope it doesn’t end up costing us the playoffs in the end. I know it’s the first week of the season. But every win is important. And we might have had a chance to win that one. But everybody makes mistakes. So what are you going to do?”

Zobrist’s wife Julianna followed his queue on Twitter.

— Ben Julianna Zobrist (@TheZobrists) April 9, 2013

Ben Zobrist (and his wife) are unbelievable. What else can we say? Evan Longoria didn’t have quite the same amount of self control on Twitter.

Maybe Longoria would have gotten out versus Joe Nathan- he was already 3 for 3 with a walk in the game and nobody is perfect. But losing that chance on a call like that stings more than anything and the Rays are left contemplating what could have been. Now all they can do is compose themselves and do everything they can to make this loss forgotten as the season moves on and as Zobrist said, certainly not let this be the game that makes all the difference when everything is said and done.

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