Baseball betting tips: who will win this year’s MLB?

With the MLB 2013 season having moved into its post-season playoffs, time is running out for those baseball betting fans who are yet to make their World Series picks. On the plus side, waiting until now means that you only have six teams left in contention to choose between, but on the downside, they are six of the best – which arguably makes choosing the right one harder. The Boston Red Sox are currently amongst the favorites with the various bookmakers, and are one of only two teams to have already progressed past the Division Series, but does this make them the best bet?

The Red Sox will surely pick up quite a lot of the World Series gambling interest, having comfortably beaten the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 across a four game Division Series. However, despite already being through to the Championship Series (and being odds-on at 9/4), the Red Sox are not the only side worth looking at. The LA Dodgers are also already through, and are second favorites at 23/10, having overcome the Atlanta Braves. What we should remember though is that a number of MLB observers did not tip either of these sides to progress through the Division Series, summing up the difficulties in predicting sports. This is why some people prefer sports themed games at online casino pages like .

These games, like the baseball themed slot game Hot Shot, let you mix sports and betting in a way that perhaps has fewer variables that can work against you – after all your bets won’t be undermined by injuries, bad form etc. Plus these games have become genuinely atmospheric and interactive these days, with really strong video and audio effects, while still retaining the core strengths of slot machines. For example has a jackpot worth $2000, and features a wild icon on the reels (it’s the flaming baseball one) designed to improve the chances of players winning a payout.

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