2014 Tampa Bay Rays Tickets: Top 5 Series At The Trop

The Tampa Bay Rays have the misfortunate of being overshadowed by the top two draws in all of baseball, year after year. Despite having to contend with a country full of Yankee and Red Sox bandwagon fans, even in their own building, the Rays have proven that they can consistently compete – and beat – their divisional brethren. As Tampa looks to make the playoffs for the fifth time in seven years, ticket demand is finally starting to reach the level of the on-field play. With Tampa Bay Rays tickets are averaging $81.82, a year over year rise of 29%, fans are eager to see a legitimate World Series contender (or the Yankees and Red Sox) in action.

Take a look at the five highest season series below:

1.)  New York Yankees, April – Average Price, $134 – 63% above home average

This early season four-game weekend duel will bring the Bronx Bombers quickly back to Tampa, where they spend their entire spring. Yankees fans are beyond plentiful in the Tampa-area, which always drives demand and ticket prices to record highs for Rays games. At an average price of $134, 63% above the home average, this early series may not have significant impacts on October playoff races, but it will certainly set the market for expected ticket prices for the remainder of the year.

2.)  New York Yankees, August– Average Price, $130 – 58% above home average

The Yankees return for their second visit to Tampa Bay in a three-game weekend series in mid-August. While ticket prices are averaging slightly less than the original series in April, you can expect prices to rise over the current $130 average if both teams remain in fighting contention as expected.

3.)  New York Yankees, September– Average Price, $127 – 55% above home average

Are you noticing a trend here? Over the 17 years that the Rays have been in Tampa Bay, the New York Yankees are probably responsible for 50% of their overall ticket sales. New York makes their final Florida appearance in the Rays second to last home series of the season. Average ticket prices are the cheapest so far for any of the Yankees visits at $127 each, or 55% above the average Rays home game.

4.)  Boston Red Sox, May – Average Price, $121 – 48% above home average

If it’s not the Yankees driving up prices, it must be the Boston Red Sox. The bearded ones will make their first visit to Tampa since winning the World Series in late May. Ticket prices are averaging $121 for this three-game tilt at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, roughly 48% above the average price of a Rays home game.

5.)  Boston Red Sox, August – Average Price, $119 – 46% above home average

This four-game series comes at the start of a 10-game home stand for the Rays and at the peak of the playoff push. The Rays and Red Sox close out August and head into September during the series, with both teams looking to peak at the right time. Ticket prices are averaging just behind the May series at a $199 average price, or 46% above the average Rays home game. Though there’s a good chance that both teams wouldn’t mind one more duel come early October.

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