Rays Colored Glasses Staff


Robbie Knopf: Editor

Robbie is the rare Tri-State Area Rays fan and is passionate about the Rays, statistics, Pitch F/X data and just about everything related to baseball. You can check out Robbie’s Rays writing at FanSided’s Rays site, Rays Colored Glasses, and he also writes for FanSided’s Minor Leagues site, Seedlings to Stars. Robbie can be found on Twitter @RobbieKnopf or you can email him at [email protected].


David Hill: Senior Staff Writer

Dave is fascinated with baseball history, statistics, and the evolution of the game throughout the decades. He was introduced to the game of baseball while watching the 1985 World Series. Dave resides in Massachusetts, where he is one of but a few Rays fans, and can be reached either at @m1sterdave on Twitter or via e-mail at [email protected].


Jenna West: Staff Writer

Jenna is a Tampa Bay Rays fan and loves a good sports story. She enjoys reading about baseball history and how the love for baseball can connect fans from all walks of life. You can read her articles on Rays Colored Glasses and follow her on twitter at @JennaRWest.


Dereck Violante: Staff Writer

Dereck is a prototypical ‘stat geek’ and lifelong baseball fan becoming interested in all statistical facets of the game. Born and raised in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the US, but home to one of the Rays brightest lights and former players, Rocco Baldelli, who is the reason he became enamored with the Rays and how they operate as an organization. You can check out Dereck’s post at Rays Colored Glasses and follow him on twitter @derecksean or email him at [email protected]


Leo Howell: Staff Writer

Leo is a lifelong Tampa Bay sports fan, currently living in central Florida. He loves the Rays, Bucs, Magic, Bolts, and Swansea City (which is not in Florida). He is currently a staff writer for Rays Colored Glasses and The Pewter Plank, and he is also the co-host of the Tampa 2 Podcast. He has been known to play video games, cook, and have Andrew Luck style facial hair.


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