What Happened To Rays Baseball?

By Staff

So, I have been to every game so far this home stand and other than the first massacre of the games I have not seen what took the Rays so far last year. The base running has been poor, the bullpen looks like it did a couple years ago, and the middle of the order is just, straight up striking out way too much.

Gabe Kapler needs to be demoted to the Little League for his base running skills. The guy gets caught on third, like he didn’t know there was a play going on, and gets caught running to third when the ball was hit to third. Really? There were no outs with the start of the line-up coming to the plate. Its not like the guy has blazing speed and can attempt risky base running. These move cost the Rays runs in both mistakes. Like I said, send him to Little League and don’t bring him back.

Now, what has happened to the almighty, Troy Percival? If I was Joe Maddon and the next time, for some odd reason Percival’s name is to come up, just imagine  you want to actually win this game and “Just Say No To Percy!” Actually, that is going to be the new slogan for the Rays, “Just Say No To Percy”. Hes done, its over and let someone else by the name of David Price fill in the spot. Don’t feel left out Dan Wheeler, I will have a slogan for you in the next few days, unless you come up with a fastball, a curve ball, a change-up, or a pitch that can actually be of use.

Its really sad when everyone in the crowd is thinking strikeout ,every time our 1-5 batters get two strikes on them in the count. Im not going to lie, I think the same exact thing. I feel like all of them (except for Longoria of course) are  trying way too hard to produce and should just get back to trying to make contact.

I personally just think the Rays need to get back to fundamental baseball and realize what got them to the World Series last year. Oh, and get rid of Gabe Kapler, the guy struck out against Nick Swisher.