Some Tampa Bay Rays Statistical Updates

By Dustin Staggers

Evan Longoria is currently on pace for the greatest season of all time!  I know that projecting out numbers after one month of the season is a little tough, but let’s just say that Longo did not experience the so called “sophomore slump.”

"Projected Stat Line for Longoria – 129 runs, 234 hits, 49 hr, 209 RBI, and a 1.139 ops to go along with a potential Triple Crown"

Two other Rays regulars are batting over .300 so far this season, Jason Bartlett and Carl Crawford.   Bartlett is currently hitting .358 and is on pace for 209 hits, and a stunning 18 HR.  I’m not surprised this guy is hitting for a high average, there were a lot of splits and statistics that indicated that his 2nd half last year was no fluke, but have been a little surprised by the power in his bat.  With the lack of 2b so far for him (4), expect his HR total to diminish by the end of the year.  If JB can finish with 185 hits, 12 HR, and 30 SB though, coupled with his defense, he is an All Star caliber player.   Carl Crawford is currently putting the bat on the ball real nicely at a clip of .306 and after his 6 SB day the other day, is currently on pace for 106 SB.  I would like to see a little more power from his bat, but it is hard for me to complain about a guy with a .381 OBP and who steals that often and that succesfully.  Oh yeah, he hasn’t been caught once so far on the base paths.  

One of these two guys, if BJ Upton continues to stink from the plate, will be in the leadoff role shortly.  I personally think JB should get the nod. 

JB, CC, Longo, Pena, Burrell, Upton, Dioner, One of the gross Gabes, than Aki

Now to the crappy side of the batting numbers.  Two guys, Dioner Navarro and BJ Upton, both have 85+ AB’s and are hitting under the Mendoza line, BJ at .157 and Navvie at .179.   BJ is currently on pace for 207 K.  That stat makes me want to punch myself in the face.  Dionner is slugging a disgusting .262, which also again, makes me want to punch myself in the face.   Joe Maddon is showing a lot of patience with both of these guy, especially BJ continuing at the top of the order, but only for so long can a player suck it up, and not get his lineup order/starting spot taken away for a little while.