Rays Get Back To .500

By Dustin Staggers

After an up and down, inconsistent start to the season, the Tampa Bay rays are starting to get back to their winning ways from last seasons World Series run.  They won their 4th straight game today vs the Oakland Athletics to pull their record to 20-20 at the 25% completion mark of the season.

Jeff Niemann had one of his best starts as a pro, going 8 innings strong and giving up 3 ER and striking out 3.  Evan Longoria and Carlos Pena combined for 5 runs, 3 hits and 3 walks.  

The main thing that I’m noticing lately while watching the Rays is the fire and cohesiveness that got them to the Series last year.  Carl Crawford was ready to fight the whole Indians team last night by himself because of some inside pitches thrown at BJ Upton.   This might seem trivial in the grand scheme of it all, but this was the kind of fire that was evident on a nightly basis last season by the Rays.  They are young, and with that youth might have come some complacency based on last years success.  

It appears though, that they may be getting that proverbial fire back.