Phenom David Price Finally Coming Back

By Dustin Staggers

With the trade hopes of the dissapointing Scott Kazmir detoriating right before our eyes (told you so) and his landing on the 15 day DL, the Rays are expected to call up David Price to take his spot in the rotation on Monday.   

I have an interesting question though.  Say that Jeff Niemann has another good start tonight.  If you take out his two worst starts of the year, one of which was his first start of the year, he has been quite impressive.  Even with those two horrid outings, he still has a 4.97 ERA.  If Niemann continues to pitch well, and Price comes in and does what everyone expects him to do, which is be a stud, where does that leave Scott Kazmir.  Andy Sonnastine is a much cheaper option for a 5th pitcher, which is essentially what Kaz has looked like for most of the season, if even a 5th starter.  

Compounding the Sonny/Kaz question is that top 20 spec Wade Davis is 4-1 with a 3.10 ERA and a .197 OAVG in AAA Durham.   He is going to need a spot in the rotation very soon as well.  

So as I have been preaching for the last year, and have been clamoring for the past two, the Rays missed the boat on Kaz, especially on trading him while his value is high.

Regardless, I’m glad to see him out of the rotation and for my man David Price to be in.