Rays Players On The Move?

By Dustin Staggers
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With the Phillies looking like they are officially shifting their focus to SP Cliff Lee from the Cleveland Indians, do the Rays stand a better chance of landing Roy Halladay than they this time last week?

Scott Kazmir’s start last night would certainly help his value on the market.  He pitched a 7 inning outing for the first time in over a year, and looked quite good.  His velocity was aroun 91-94 and his slider and changeup both looked good.   I still say an offer of Kazmir, Wade Davis and Reid Brignac is as good as the Jays can get, regardless if they have to trade within the division.

  • Scott Kazmir to the Mariners in a 3 way deal?

Larry Stone of the Seattle Times is furthering a rumor that I have read elsewhere of a 3 team deal involving the Rays, Mariners and Indians.   The deal would send Reid Brignac and Scott Kazmir to the Mariners, with Brendan Morrow and Jeff Clement to the Indians, with Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez to the Rays.  This sounds like a horrible deal for the Indians, so I’m not holding out hope on this one.  The rumor is the Indians are trying to trim payroll and this deal would net them two top specs and trim some payroll.  I’m just not seeing the value in it for the Indians.