The Rays Try And Make Me Feel Stupid

By Dustin Staggers

Two days after declaring that the Rays were finished, they completed a 2 game sweep of the Boston Red Sox to close the Wild Card gap to 3 games, and the division lead for the Yanks to 5.5 games.

I loved two things in particular about last nights game.  The first was the change in lineup that we have been pining for on this website for quite some time.

1.  JB

2. CC

3. Longo

4. Zorilla

5. Pat the Bat

6. CP23

7. BJ Upton

8. The Gabes

9. Black Hole Called Catcher

Seemed as though everyone enjoyed their new spots asJB, Pat the Bat, CP23, and CC all hit HR’s.   This seems like the most ideal lineup with the 5, 6 and 7 spots moving around depending on the handedness of the pitcher and the lefty-righty matchup that presents itself that evening.

The other positive from last night was the performance from David Price.  DP has had his share of nice outings, but this one was the most important of them last night.  We can not afford to lose any series vs the Yanks or the Sox or anyone else for that matter for the remainder of the year if we plan on making a run at the playoffs, and this was a huge game against the team that we are currently chasing in the WC standings.   The thing I liked the most was the 107 pitches, 73 of which were for strikes.  His biggest issue has been command, and last night his command was on.