7 Straight

By Dustin Staggers

In what is becoming unwatchable baseball, the Rays lost their 7th straight game on Tuesday night to the New York Yankees to put us 17.5 games out of the AL East race and 8.5 games out of the Wild Card Race with 23 games remaining.   According to ESPN.com’s chances of making playoff %, the Rays are sitting @ .3%.

We’d essentially have to reel off about 15 or 16 straight and the Sox would have to go on a losing streak like we are currently on, neither of which is going to happen.

Once again, last nights culprit was the bullpen, and once again, it was in the 9th inning.  My least favorite player on the Rays, Dan Wheeler gave up a 1 out, solo HR to Nick Swisher in the bottom off of the 9th inning.

David Price had another nice outing going 6 innings, giving up 2 ER and striking out 6. Carl Crawford had 3 of our 8 hits as a team, but never was driven in.

To be perfectly honest, if it wasn’t for this website, I wouldn’t be watching these games anymore.  The obvious pitfall of this team was well known before this season began, and was never addressed.  When a laymen can see the problems before they arise, plus call out the players themselves who are the weak spots, than the front office should be doing the same.  I’m pretty pissed, to say the least.