1 More to .500

By Dustin Staggers

11 straight losses and 12 out of 13 overall has the Tampa Bay Rays 1 game over .500.  For a team who not only 2 weeks ago had a chance to make a final run at a playoff spot, this is to say the least, dissapointing.

The Rays went from being the 3rd best run differential team in the league to 13 days later being 8th.  By the time the season is over in 19 games, who knows if we’ll even have a positive run differential.

In the 13 games, one of which was a W, we have scored a paltry 35 runs.  35 runs in 13 games, thats 2.7 runs per game.  That would easily be over a whole season the worst run scoring in the league.   We have given up 77 runs over that same span, which is just about 6 runs per game.  42 run differential over 13 games.  Even worse, over the last 7 games, we have 8 runs.

I’m not sure what else to really say at this point, as watching these games and writing these articles makes me want to cry.