Yankees 3 Team Swap Shows Grossly Unbalanced MLB Structure

By Dustin Staggers

I rarely gripe about the unfair balance in Major League Baseball that comes with having no salary cap, but upon hearing about the mega-swap between the Angels, Tigers and Yankees, I’m a little upset.

It is being reported that the Yanks will acquire Curtis Granderson from the Tigers, The Tigers will acquire Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth from the Dbacks and Austin Jackson and Phil Coke from the Yankees and the Dbacks will acquire Ian Kennedy from the Yankees and Edwin Jackson from the Tigers.

So basically by moving some average players  (and Yankee fans can not claim that the unheralded Jackson + Ian Kennedy and Phil Coke are anything more than that), and because they have the ability to take on any contracts (3 years and 23.75 mil left for Granderson, quite reasonable in my opinion), the Yanks will now have one of the premier starting CF’s in the game, both hitting the ball and fielding his position.

The Dbacks make out nicely in the deal as well being able to start Ejax, Brandon Webb and Dan Haren, giving their starting rotation a real feared starting 3 pitchers and I would expect a big bounce back year from them (they can’t hit as awfully as they did last year).

With the Rays potentially exploring options to trade the fans most loved player in Carl Crawford, and being forced to move Scott Kazmir at the deadline last year, these kinds of deals sting real deep.  If the Yanks go out and sign Holliday, I might jump off of a bridge.