Rays Roster Rundown – Carl Crawford

By Dustin Staggers

With Spring Training beginning in just over one month, it’s time to take a look at the roster going into camp.  Rayhawk Review will look at one player each day, and his probable role on the team and my expectations for that player.

I figured there would be no better player to start out with then Carl Crawford.

Crawford, barring a midseason trade (if the Rays were to fall out of contention, this is a definite possibility) is our LF for the 2010 season.  He is coming off possibly his best campaign as a pro in 2009.  He had a career high in steals and games.  He also had one of his top 2 seasons in his career in hits, HR, BB, BA, OBP and OPS.

Crawford was recently named to ESPN.com’s All Decade Gold Glove Team at LF, so we know his defense is as good as it gets.

Bill James projections for Carl Crawford in 2010:
G 140
AB 528
PA 564
H 156
1B 112
2B 24
3B 8
HR 12
R 82
RBI 522
BB 36
SO 84
SB 41
AVG .295

James obviously sees a reduction in stats for 2010, but still numbers that are All Star caliber for 2010.