Rays Roster Rundown – Jason Bartlett

By Dustin Staggers

The Rays enter the 2010 season with one of the best IF’s in MLB.  SS Jason Bartlett is one of the reasons why.

He followed up a Team MVP 2008 season with a markedly better 2009.  He was named to his first All Star team in 09 as well.

He finished 7th in the AL in Avg., 8th in the 80 in SB’s and was 10th in the AL in Triples.

After moving to leadoff last year and replacing BJ Upton, Jason Bartlett showed why he was an All Star and one of the best leadoff men in baseball.

Bill James sees a major drop in production for JB in 2010 bases mainly on the fact that his 2009 season was an anomaly when looking at his career trends.
AB 520
PA 588
H 157
1b 114
2b 31
3b 4
HR 8
R 82
RBI 54
BB 48
SO 89
SB 24
CS 9
AVG .291