Back, Back, Back….. Gone

By Unknown author

Today, the Rays beat the Red Sox 11-9 in a home run fest. There were a total of seven home runs hit today, with Evan Longoria(2) and Kelly Shoppach(4) hitting two each. The young stud Sean Rodriquez, who leads the Rays this spring in dingers(6), also added to the long ball numbers, along with Ben Zobrist(2) and Hank Blalock(1).

I must say this spring has really opened eyes to watch the play of Sean Rodriguez and Kelly Shoppach. I really feel these two guys are going contribute a great deal for the Rays this season. Both are hitting  very well, with Shoppach batting .375 and Rodriguez .425 with 40 at bats. I know these guys are facing split squad teams but I could really care less. Like I stated before, this is still the big leagues and these guys know how to throw.

I really hope Joe Maddon finds a way to get these guys in some ballgames to start the season off. If the Rays got to a better start in 09,  they would have been in closer range to make the playoffs.  Maddon likes to determine what his line up and spots are going to look like early on so the players will be comfortable with their positions, so I expect a decision soon on what the opening day team roster will be.