Two and Ohhhhh!!!

By Unknown author

Again, the Rays found theirselves coming from behind after a horrible first inning including a rare error by Carlos Pena that scored a run. Other than the first inning the Rays played an overall good game but I guess its hard to lose when the Rays have some kid named Evan Longoria on the team. Longo hit his 2nd homerun and drove in a couple of runs with a double in the 5th inning giving the Rays the lead. Another brightside in the line up was Reid Brignac who went 2-3 in tonights game and scored. On the downside, Pat Burrell did not do a damn thing except hit into double plays and strikeout. The Rays really need to consider an alternative, as Burrell is becoming a for sure out in the line up. I like to look at him as the 9th batter on a teeball team, the kid who cant even hit the ball off the tee with his hand. He is just horrible and if it wasnt for his ridiculous contract I couldnt imagine keeping him in as DH.

Matt Garza looked phenomenal, striking out 9 in 8 innings and only allowing 1 earned run, 1 unearned with the error by Pena. Last season Garza had the least run support in the American League and hopefully the Rays can turn it around for him this year. Garza is easily a 15 game winner this season. Rafael Soriano was one run from being called Rafael “Percival” with his outing in the ninth. To be honest with you, his stuff did not look good at all tonight. Fastball seemed to just hang around for the batters to hit. But he did end up with the save and thats all that matters. But damn lets not make these games so close.

The Rays close out the series tomorrow against the Orioles and hopefully ending with a sweep. This is the first time the Rays have started out 2-0 with manager Joe Maddon and going into a series against the Yanks, the Rays need all the momentum they can get.

Evan Longoria MVP!!!