Here We Go Again… The Bullpen Stinks

By Unknown author

Let me just start out by saying this town really sucks when you go and try to watch the game somewhere. We go to one place to watch the game and I ask the waitress if she can turn the volume on the Rays game and she says” No, Im watching and listening to the damn birds whistle and Tiger Woods walk back and forth.” I really just thought it was a joke but yeah, she kept the freaking golf on. PEACE.

Well, eventually when I got somewhere to watch the game, another mishap occurs and there goes down our starting pitcher Jeff Neimann after getting hit in his throwing arm by a line drive and in comes under hand thrower Andy Sonnanstine. He should just throw soft toss instead, since he basically shows you the ball before he throws it. The bullpen does not look good as of yet with Mike Ekstrom loading the bases and to follow Grant Balfour comes in and lets them all score with his only pitch. A 91-92 mph fastball. Get rid of these jamokes and bring in someone who can do their damn job.

The Rays cannot win baseball games scoring only 4 runs a game. The Rays could have easily started this season 0-3 if it wasn’t for their bullpen being  just as bad. Im really getting sick of talking about Pat Burrell negatively on here but the guy is worthless. Seriously, how many balls can you hit to the backstop? Just sit him out until November when the season is over and let his ass walk.

On another note, this umpiring crew needs to be fired. How do you not tell Carl Crawford caught that fly ball? It wasn’t even close. I was listening to sports radio yesterday and it was mentioned this same crew was making horrible calls all last year too. Its a big conspiracy if you ask me. Or maybe they just don’t like Crawford.

Overall, nothing really impressed me with the Rays this series and to beat the Yankees this weekend the Rays are going to have to score more than 4 runs a game and the bullpen has to do what they are there for. And if you guys dont remember, since its been so long since its been done, its to keep the other team from scoring. If we do this then maybe we can win a game or two or three.

David Price vs Javier Vasquez tonight.