This Is Why Crawford Needs To Get Paid

By Unknown author

Yesterdays game against the Orioles showed many reasons why the Rays need to fork up the millions of dollars needed to resign one of the overall best left fielders in the game, Carl Crawford. If you missed the game, let me just tell you what this guy did. Crawford went 4-for-4 with two singles, a double and a 402-foot home run. “I started swinging the bat a little better, got a few pitches I could handle, found some holes,” Crawford said. “I just hope I can continue to swing the bat like that.” Crawford also had the number one web gem with a diving catch and a  guy on first who would have scored in a game that was 3-1. “Ridiculous. I even told him that’s disgusting what he did,” Garza said. “You really can’t put it into words, you’re just so appreciative.”

Matt Garza  had a hell of a game, going another 8 innings in his second start of the season. I love the fact that you can rely on Garza to always go deep in the game and give the bullpen a rest.  Garza allowed one run on six hits while walking three and striking out five in eight innings. He threw just 103 pitches which is pretty low for Garza. I would like to see him throw a complete game especially when his pitch count is so low. Garza right now is our most dependable starter and I always feel like the other team is going to be shut down when hes on the mound. “I think if you ask any hitter, he’s one of the best pitchers in the league,” Ty Wigginton said. “He’s got a lot of movement, he throws hard and he’s got good off-speed stuff.” I predicted Garza being at least a 15 game winner and so far he already has 2 so were looking good. Lets just hope the bats keep it alive for him when hes trowing the way he is.

Rafael Soriano did not record a save in the 9th but did strikeout the last 2 batters to end the game. Although he is not overpowering the hitters, he is doing what we brought him in for and thats to finish the games.