Keep The Rally Caps On

By Unknown author

Heading into the 8th inning last night, it was looking like the Rays were on their way for a loss against a very below average team. The score was 0-3 starting the top of the 8th but not for long. The Rays rallied for 5 runs in the top of the 8th going through 10 batters and the only extra base hit was a double by BJ Upton off the right field wall. The Rays lead would not last for long as Jeff Neimann would be taken out for our fabolous bullpen to take over.

Dan Wheeler replaced Neiman getting two out in the bottom of the 8th for Joe Maddon to do what he does best and over analyze pitching match ups and bring in Randy Choate. Choate would do what he does best and give up a bomb to pinch hitter Luke Scott. Again the Rays find theirselves back to where the game started and having to rely on the bullpen to get the win.

Here comes the 10th inning and the Rays again have their rally caps on. Starting off the 10th Matt Albers gives up a few walks and a pass ball to get Ben Zobrist in scoring position. With a man on 1st and 3rd and no outs, Carlos Pena hits a dinger to give the Rays a 8-5 lead. “I went over to congratulate [Pena] after the game and he said, ‘See, I told you, Popi, I’d pick you up,'” Choate said. “And he said, ‘Keep your head up, we’re going to need you, you’re going to figure it out.'” He better thank someone for keeping him on the team for the way he has been pitching. Him and Pat Burrell may want to think about their plans for the summer, I just dont see them being in the game as much as they have been.

Rafael Soriano again does his job but not in the best of fashion, giving up a homerun to Ty Wiggington, his second of the game. But he did record the save so I cant really complain. I mean I could but there really is no point. He is the only one in the bullpen who hasnt blown the game for us. So until he decides to take the traits of the rest of the pen, hes ok in my book.