Inside The Rays 10-4 Start

By Dustin Staggers

The Rays are off to a scorching 10-4 start to the 2010 baseball season. This doesn’t surprise many people, as most pundits thought pegged the Rays to finish just outside the playoffs, but still with a 90+ win season. A 14 game sample size isn’t really enough to start making projections, but the Rays are on pace for a 115 season. That total is highly unlikely, but if the play of a few players continues, the Rays could certainly challenge the 100+ win mark.

BJ Upton
Coming off of an injury plagued 2009 campaign, Upton is showing why many people in baseball consider him a 5 tool caliber player. He hasn’t gotten his average up to what it should be around (.260) but he is showing the power that makes him a 30/30 threat if he is completely healthy. He is batting only .220 through 14 games, but has already dropped 4 HR to go along with 3 SB.

Carl Crawford
I’ve been of the belief that CC is the best LF in the MLB for a few years now, and in his contract year, he is showing why. He is batting .340 with 4 two baggers, 2 jacks, 1 triple and 6 SB’s. I don’t even want to show you guys what those numbers project out too, because they would have you too giddy.

Matt Garza
For two years I have thought that Matt Garza was the real ace on our staff. He didn’t show that last year, but is off to prove that I may have been onto something with his first 3 starts of 2010. He has pitched 24 innings, given up 2 runs, one of which was a HR for an ERA of 0.75 to go along with 19k’s in 24 innings.