DP, I’m Sorry

By Dustin Staggers

I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong about something.  This is rare (the being wrong part), but I have no problems owning it when it happens. Before the season started, I was of the belief, that David Price didn’t have the necessary third pitch to become a bonafide starting pitcher.  I was also of the belief that our biggest weak spot, even with the acquisition of Rafael Soriano, was the bullpen. DP and the pen seemed to be a perfect match. Relievers can dominate with two pitches, and he had already dominated in that role before, hell he did it in the World Series.

I WAS WRONG.  Price may be out most dominant starting pitcher to start the season, and he capped off his first 4th start of the season with a brilliant 4H, CG masterpiece.  Price struck out 9 batters in 9IP, and only needed 108 pitches to do so.  His shaky control last season almost seems to be a thing of the past as well.  He walked one batter last night, and has only walked nine batters in 28 innings. He’s countered those 9 walks with 27 K’s.  His cut down bases on  balls have allowed DP to average just a little over 7IP per start, a vast improvement over last seasons very disappointing year.

DP, I’m sorry baby!