Bye Bye Burrell, Hello Hank

By Unknown author

I am most pleased to say that Pat Burrell has been designated for assignment today and Hank Blalock will be promoted in his place. Burrell was batting an astonishing .202 with 17 hits in 84 plate appearances and not to mention striking out 28 times. Its about time they assigned this waste of space to the minors. If Joe Maddon didn’t praise loyalty to his players, he would have been done a long time ago. Maddon talks about how great his work ethic was but what’s the point of good work ethic if it does you no good? It was time for a change and I believe anyone taking his place is an upgrade.

Hank Blalock was signed during the spring in case of this situation occuring. He is hitting .349 with five doubles, four home runs and 24 RBIs while recording a .910 OPS with the Bulls. He could also be considered Carlos Pena’s replacement if he plays well and Pena does not resign this offseason, which word around the streets is unlikely to happen. Last year, barring injuries with the Rangers, Blalock hit .234 with 25 home runs and 66 RBIs while playing first base and designated hitter.

The main reason for this happenning so quickly was the way Blalock’s contract was written. He had an out clause, meaning he could ask for his release at any point if he didn’t see his way back to the majors. It was reported if he wasn’t called up this week he would excercise his clause and then be able to sign with any other team, with the Rays getting nothing out of it. The Rays could try to trade him but I dont see the point of that. He is a viable replacement as of now and if he doesnt produce there is always someone else waiting for their chance to impress. But I personally think he will do fine sharing time at DH with Willy Aybar.