JP Done For The Year

By Unknown author

JP Howell had shoulder surgery yesterday on his Labrum, that will put him out until the beginning of the season next year. Howell, started the season on the DL with a weak shoulder and took necessary time needed to get strength back but after throwing a simulated game over the weekend something was not right.

JP was sent to Dr. Andrews on Tuesday and had the procedure done. “Obviously he was frustrated,” said Friedman, who talked to Howell prior to the surgery. “It was an emotional moment for him, going through this for the first time. He’s in great hands. He’s got a great work ethic and is a great competitor. I certainly wouldn’t bet against him. And we’re optimistic that we’ll get him back and he’ll be the J.P. Howell of old.”

This is really a bad time for JP to have this injury. He is much needed in the pen, with the only other left hander being Randy Choate. I would think the Rays have to make some kind of move to replace Howell during this great run the Rays are having this year. I think Grant Balfour, if anyone should be replaced with whoever we bring up or acquire to repalce JP. He is the least trusted thrower in the pen and with Benoit throwing well, he is just another right hander taking up space.