Rays Bums of May

By Dustin Staggers

We did a feature last week highlighting the players who have excelled in the month of May for the Rays.  Today we will look at 4 players who exemplified the most suckiness during May!  These first 3 guys have been so awful, that their stats almost made me throw up a little bit in my mouth when I actually looked them up.

Carlos Pena – .549 OPS for a guy who is supposed to be our slugger is about all that needs to be said.  He had 12 hits all month.

BJ Upton – Not quite as worthless as Pena was this month because of his 9 steals, but about equally putrid at the plate.  29 strikeouts and 16 hits for the month.

Jason Bartlett – At least JB is getting on base due to his 17BB’s for the month, but he isn’t doing anything else of value at the plate.

Lance Cormier – When you’re strikeout to walk ratio as a reliever is less than 2, and you’re letting opponents SLG .587, you’re pretty useless.  He gave up runs in 4 seperate appearances this month, one of which was a .2 IP 4 ER effort vs the Sox.  Luckily, the rest of the pen is pitching great.