A Missed Call and A Grand Slam

By Unknown author

The Rays pulled off another come from behind win against the Jays last night to keep them 2.5 games above the Yankees and maintain the leagues best road record of 21-6. This is the second best road record since 1961.

This win did not come easy as the 3rd base umpire missed a huge call that went against Sean Rodriguez and took a run from the Rays in the 6th to keep the score 2-1 in the Jays favor.” I didn’t want to jump at the bag and miss it so I said ‘Let me (slow) down my steps down real good and make sure I catch it,” ‘ Rodriguez said.  I don’t know what it is this year but the umpires have made it pretty clear no calls will go in the Rays favor. There has to be a way for the umpires to get calls right especially when its a close game like this was.

Its a good thing we  have this guy named Carl Crawford who just so happened to hit a grand slam in the 9th to give the Rays a 7-2 lead. Crawfors also had an RBI single to put the Rays on the board. So nice try umpires and better luck next time. This is the second game in a row that you messed up a call and the Rays came back and won. ” It says a lot about this team, how we fight to the end,” Crawford said. ” We’ve been preaching that since spring training, play hard all nine innings and see what happens.”

Our young studs also contributed this game with some big base hits to make the grand slam possible. Sean Rodriguez has been hitting the ball much better like he did in spring training and went 2-5 including a double in the 8th and a single in the 9th to start off the inning. Reid Brignac who has been playing very well in the absence of Jason Barlett also hit a double and drove in a run to give the Rays their first lead of the game. This just proves how stacked we are up the middle and not even to mention how Ben Zobrist has stepped up as of recent.

But lets not forget about our starting pitcher either. David Price threw another phenomenal game and is the American Leagues first 8 game winner. Price has won 6 of his past 7 decisions and should be the starter for the summer classic as of now. With an 8-2 record and an ERA of 2.29. Thats pretty phenom if you ask me. Price has been pitching deep in the game which allows the weak part of our bullpen to get skipped and go straight to dominance with Soriano coming in.

Rafael Soriano got his 15th save of the season and has only given up 5 runs all year. He gave up one this game but it was only because BJ Upton could not hold on to the ball when he hit the outfield wall which allowed Alex Gonzalez to score in the bottom of the 9th. Someone needs to tell Soriano that its ok to smile when your so dominant and record the save everytime your ask to close the game out. He has the same face no matter what happens. I just dont want to see what face he makes if he doesnt record the save or gets a loss.