Bartlett To The DL, Shoppach Brought Up

By Unknown author

Jason Barlett was put on the 15-day due to a strained right hamstring while going after a ground ball in last Saturday’s game. His stint on the DL will be retroactive to last Saturday. I dont really think its that much of a concern especially how great  Brignac, Rodriguez, and Zobrist have been playing as of late.

This will put a little dilemma on the Rays hands because now they will have three catchers on the active roster with Kelly Shoppach being brought up. Shoppach has only played 4 games so far this season and has yet to showcase his ability, so determining who stays on the team when Bartlett comes back is going to be a big decision.

I would have to think they move Dioneer Navarro for the simple fact that he sucks. Theres really no other way to put it. He would not be on any other team in the bigs batting .204, no homeruns and only 5 RBI’s. Really? What the hell is he still doing on the team to begin with? Maddon needs to cut his ties and have John Jaso share time with Shoppach. Jaso is batting .294, 2 homeruns and 19 RBI’s.

I predicted Pat Burrell was going to be outie, so lets see if im right on this one. So here is an early farewell Dioneer. See ya! Have fun with Pat at Hooters.