Evan Longoria Clearly Not Scared Of Bossman

By Dustin Staggers

This was during today’s game vs the Dbacks. Evan Longoria was clearly not pleased with the way BJ Upton seemed to jog towards the ball.

Best part of the video is our young MVP Candidate being a leader and calling a player out who he felt was not doing all he could do to make a play. Longo was clearly not worried about any retaliation from BJ because when BJ started yelling back at him, Longo whipped back around and got up in his face.

Worst part of this video is the fact that there is some fighting on a team that is mired in a prolonged stretch of mediocrity in a division where mediocrity gets you a third place finish and some tee times in October.

BJ needs to watch his ass though. Continued crappy production and trying to fight the teams best player don’t bode well for a guy who I’ve given up hope on becoming the player that he could be.