Rays Bums of June

By Dustin Staggers

BJ Upton – You yelled at Longo, and for a 2nd straight year, your killing my fantasy season.  I’ve given up on you.

James Shields – Shields has been just awful this month, picking up 5 L’s.  He had a 5 ER, 4ER, 3 ER, and a 10 ER outing in his starts this month.  That’s not cutting it, especially from a guy who was our opening day starter.  His control isn’t an issue, hes just getting rocked recently.

Wade Davis – Davis has been equally as Shieldsian in his awfulness in June.  Just like Shields, he’s not striking enough guys out, and giving up too many jacks.  Just basically getting his tits ripped.  It has to be time that the Rays start pondering calling up Jeremy Hellickson.

Jason Bartlett – JB hasn’t been off of the DL that long, but a .486 OPS while back lands you squarely on the bums list.  Hell, a .486 OPS lands you on the bench really.  Too bad the other guy who plays SS is next on the list.

Reid Brignac – Reid’s putting up a little better numbers then JB, but its not too hard to get over a .500 OPS.  He’s not only not hitting the ball, but when he does, he’s ending up at first at best.  Disappointing month from a guy who has shown a lot of promise this season.