Rafael Soriano…An Egregious Snubbing

By Dustin Staggers

I just assumed when All Star rosters were announced that we had 4 locks for the team.  Carl Crawford, Evan Longoria, David Price and Rafael Soriano.  The first 3 made it, Sori, not so much.

I know every year a few players get snubbed, and its more a result of the fact every team has to have one representative.  The White Sox and the Royals are to blame for Soriano’s snub job.

Joakim Soria from the Royals actually deserved to make the team, so I don’t want to pound on him too hard, and while I like Matt Thornton from the White Sox (who throws pure cheese) the fact that he made it was a result of every team needed a representative, not because he deserved it.

  • Soriano has the 2nd most saves in the American League, and has done it in the least amount of appearances of anyone in the top 5 in saves with only 31.
  • Soriano has the 3rd lowest ERA of anyone in the top 10 in saves, behind only Mariano Rivera (All Star) and Jose Valverde (All Star)
  • He has the 2nd fewest walks of anyone in the top 10 in saves with 5 total walks

I realize the reason why he got the snub job (thanks Thornton) but the reasoning behind his snub doesn’t make it any less egregious.