Baldelli Is Back

By Unknown author

Rocco Baldelli is back and ready to regain his major league form. Baldelli initially rejoined the Rays at the beginning of the season as an instructor to help out the youngins but is now on the Single A team for the Rays, signing a minor league contract earlier in the day.

Baldelli has suffered from numerous injuries and fatigue since joining the bigs in 200o, where he was picked 6th overall by the Rays. He finished 3rd that year in Rookie of the Year votes.

I personally dont get the signing, but Baldelli was a fan favorite in Tampa and if he can get back to form somehow then so be it. There’s nothing to really lose if he doesn’t achieve his goal. If he does stay healthy and prove he is able to play with the big boys, I dont see his role being more than an occassional DH or pinch hitter.

"“With Rocco, knowing him, he’s going to be very honest with us in regard to what he thinks he can do,” Maddon said. “If he thought he could be of use to us, he’s going to tell us that. If it’s not, I’m sure he’d tell us that to. I’ve just got a lot of faith in him.”"

This would definitely be a great story if he makes a turn around but I just don’t see it happening. I will keep the Rocco up date and his process of regaining form. Maybe he can be the comeback player of the year in the future.