Rays Bums of July

By Dustin Staggers

When you go 19 and 7 for the month, you’re not going to have too many bums who are getting any run.  This months version contains only 3 players, and 1 of them I had to reach a little bit for.  Without further ado…

Kelly Shoppach

Awful.  The only word to really describe the hitting of Kelly Shoppach during the month of July. .128 in 46 PA isn’t even laughable it’s so paltry.  46 PA’s, 5 hits, no extra base hits.  Couple that with 5BB and 15K and you have put together about an awful of a month as a hitter could produce.  Enough said, this is making me angry.

Andy Sonnanstine

5 appearances, 6 ER, 3 bombs, and a 7.36 ERA for the month will land you on this list.  I once saw Sonnanstine as a potentially valuable 5th pitcher for the Rays, but it seems as though he has just regressed the last 2 years.  He gave up a run in all but one of those 5 appearances in June, and had a brilliant .2 IP, 4 H 3 ER dazzler vs the Indians.

Randy Choate

When you allow opponents to hit .333 off you for the month, you’re also going to have a pretty good chance to end up on this list.  Choate had 14 games in July, allowed 8 hits in 6.2 IP, and 5 ER.  I had to reach on this one, just because I don’t like to put guys on the list who aren’t really playing/pitching too often, but a 2 man Bums of the Month list seemed kind of pointless.  Welcome Randy.