Hellickson Shines Again In 2nd Start

By Unknown author

Stephen Strasburg who? People need to start talking about Jeremy Hellickson and the stuff this kid has. In the place of  Wade David being put on the DL with a shoulder strain, Hellickson was able to prove again he deserves to be at the major league level.

Hellickson is the top pitching prosepect in the organization and in his second start of the season against the Tigers he gained his second win. He went seven scoreless innings while striking out seven, no walks and 3 hits. After giving up a leadoff hit in the first inning, the next 18 were retired. I cant say how good this kid is. He does it so calmly and fluent its unbeleivable. I know Strasburg gets the hype but this kid is a star for sure.

"“He knows how to pitch, that’s for sure,” said James Shields, the elder statesman of the Rays’ starting rotation at age 28. “He’s got really good command of his pitches. He knows where each one of them is going. That’s one of the main differences between the Minor Leagues and the Major Leagues.”"

Im glad the elder of the staff had this to say because pretty soon he will be taking his spot sooner than later. In two starts Hellickson is 2-0, has a 1.29 ERA and 13/2 strikeout-to-walk ratio.

Most teams that lose two starting pitchers in the same day more than likely will have a downfall but not when you have a star like Hellickson to bring up from AAA to outduel the opposing team. I look forward to seeing this kid in the Rays rotation in the near future and staying. I just cant see why he needs to waste any of his arm facing batters in the minors that are clearly no competition for him. He leads the minors in win with a record of 12-3 and has an ERA of 2.45