Rays have to keep hitting

By Unknown author

The Rays in the first two games of the series looked like a little league team out there they way they were swinging the bats. No one in the lineup could do anything except for Zobrist and Bartlett, not really the power of the lineup. Yet, when the Rays traveled to Arlington, out of the dome, the bats seemed to come alive and from some unexpected players.

Carlos Pena, yes, Carlos Pena was the power that the Rays have been missing all season. All season Pena has struggled, hitting below .200 and striking out it seemed every at bat. But for some strange reason, whether it be the sunny afternoons in Arlington or being dropped down to 7th in the lineup (not facing Cliff Lee helps out too), Pena responded with multiple big time hits, including a home run and his first triple of the season. Pena has to produce and keep pitchers honest that believe the Rays do not have a home run threat. Pena has to be the power bat and drive in runs. Upton also had so clutch hits as well, including a clutch double. Upton has been a defensive star all year, but hitting around .240, many have wanted him to be traded. Love or hate him, Maddon kept Upton in there and now he is making good contact and continues to shine with his glove in center field.

Crawford and Longoria are also hitting now as well after being shut out in the first two games of the series. The Rays are batting at the right time and now have evened the series out and have a chance to win it in game five at home in front of the home crowd which is going to arrive in full force (selling ever seat from what I read). The Rays have to get production from top to bottom and Pena and company have to continue to hit well for the Rays if they want to go deep in the playoffs. Tomorrow night is their next big chance to continue to keep the series alive.