By Unknown author

No words can describe the frustration, humiliation, and confusion I felt last night as the Rays fell apart at the Trop last night as Cliff Lee won game 5 and sent the Rays packing and looking for answers. Lee dominated the Rays hitters, throwing a complete game and showing why he is one of the best pitchers in the league.

David Price was at least solid, but the lack of hitting and bad defense (Shoppach, more on his pathetic play later), doomed the Rays as well as their bats that went silent again. The team could not hit, steal a base, or do anything to stop Lee and the Rangers rolling over us in game five.

I am feeling like all fans across Tampa are today, there are really no words around to vent out all of my anger and I won’t spend time putting down all of the four letter words that I was shouting at the game because of the way the team played and was coached. All I can say is, Texas won fair and square and now major changes are in store for the Rays.