No Game Shields on the trade block?

By Unknown author

The Rays will be one of the busiest teams this off season as they try to deal with the big payroll cut and try to fill many need positions on the roster (DH and 1st base). A name that keeps emerging is James Shields, the former ace of the staff. Shields was once the ace and a very reliable pitcher, but he has fallen off and the Rays will try to move his salary.

Shields finished the season 13-15 with an ERA over 5. Shields claimed to be the ace, but constantly left a hittable fast ball over the plate and gave up too many runs. No Game claimed it was his time to shine in the post season, but failed here as well, even falling off the mound and giving up costly runs. Shields is no longer the ace of the staff (David Price) and is falling fast as the Rays continue to bring up talented young arms, like Jeremy Hellickson. Shields time in Tampa is probably coming to a close. He is beatable, has a below average fastball, and is simply not the same pitcher anymore.

So what will the Rays do? Shields’s name is certainly out there on the trade market and with starting pitching always at a premium, many teams will be interested in him. The Rays were questioned when they moved the big contract of former ace Scott Kazmir, but it has paid off for the team and the same will probably happen when they move Shields. No Game needs to go.