Tax Proposal for New Rays Staidum

By Jonathan Azares

It is a well known fact that the Rays want out of the city of St. Petersburg. Even owner Stuart Sternberg admitted this to the public when he declared that he and the organization will begin looking for other possible areas to set up shop. Well, today it was announced in Pinellas County that a new tax proposal was being put forth that would help fund a new ball park for facility for the Tampa Bay Rays.

However, the interesting structure of the proposal allows for the organization to build the stadium in any location in or outside of Pinellas country which obviously includes Hillsborough country or as most people know it as, the city of Tampa. Of course as expected this bill was not met with much enthusiasm by the council and citizens of St. Pete. They are still on the hook for Tropicana field a facility in which they tried to recycle so many times, but should’ve just torn down once its previous tenants vacated it. Therefore, it would be financially and socially irresponsible for the city of St. Pete to agree to pay for two stadiums in really the same area of which both will not help the Rays with their attendance and marketing problems. As to reiterate and repeat the same tune again. The city of St. Petersburg as nice as it, it is must be embarrassing for the residential professional team that plays there, to name their team after another city next door. Next, it has been over a decade since operations commenced and the team despite posting three straight winning seasons, two division titles, one pennant and one World Series appearance has had laughable attendance.

Oh and do not give me all this it’s the economy, it’s too far, and it’s too inconvenient. I’m not telling you how to spend your money, but don’t complain about it if you have no true interest of attending. I live closer to Lakeland than St. Pete, and I’ve been to over twenty games this season. Of course, I didn’t go to the ALDS games because miraculously the recession ended as everyone and their families managed to purchase tickets at double the price, but whatever glad you all at least people showed up for that. I’m just saying that if I can drive 50 miles, than it shouldn’t be that hard if you live in the vicinity to get down there by bus. If anyone thinks they’re going to honor that lease until 2027 then I hope your hallucinations never end for your sake. People break leases all the time. Hell, I’ve seen “sacred” and legal contracts called marriages voided faster than it took to sign them. I commend the city on its best efforts to give the Rays a home this past decade, but it just isn’t working and it’s time for change. It’s not like St. Pete won’t be fine, they still are a community that thrives on its history, beaches, and as a nice community for citizens to retire. Plus Tampa is literally a bridge away. I know it sounds greedy and somewhat stupid when you read it out loud, but the Tampa Bay Rays need to move to well Tampa in the next couple of years or they will move and it will be out of the state.