The World Series, sigh…

By Jonathan Azares
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Then there are the San Francisco Giants who have never really crossed paths with the Rays before, but have one former under performing, thieving, and undeserving player by the name of Pat Burrell who not only showed his apathy for his team during his tenure with the Rays, he really exposed how horrible of a hitter he is against American League pitching as he somehow regained form upon return to the National League. As the team’s designated hitter he dragged the team down with his abysmal performance and attitude.

Both teams have former players who underperformed during their stay with the Rays, but one team did beat us ending our hopes for title contention which will probably result in the loss of Carl Crawford and Rafael Soriano. Because of that I may lean toward the Giants, but I can’t even say that with conviction. I’ve heard both sides of the argument. So who do you chose? For me I’m not so sure, but congratulations to the winner, beating the Yankees and the Phillies was no easy task and without question you deserve it, but somehow I wish there was a way they both could lose.