Assessing the players: Matt Garza

By Unknown author

The assessment series continues as I take a look at Matt Garza. Garza placed himself in the Rays history book with his no-hitter, the first in franchise history. Garza had a solid season had key wins for the Rays, including a dominating performance in Texas in the ALDS. Time to take a closer look at the numbers behind Garza and his impact in the starting rotation.

Garza finished the regular season with a record of 15-10, an ERA of 3.19, while striking out 150 strikeouts and 63 walks. Garza pitched a total of 204.2 innings, giving up 193 hits (opponents hitting .243) and 28 homeruns in 33 starts.

Garza is a very emotional pitcher, often playing jokes on teammates or yelling at himself on the mound. He wears his emotions on his sleeve when he is on the mound. He is a fastball pitcher, but has very good off-speed pitches, but can lose command easily. Because he is a very emotional pitcher, if he gives up a few runs and gets rattled, he tries to over throw his fastball, missing his location and can get himself into trouble. Garza is a tough competitor as well, always wanting the ball in key times and is always ready to pitch in the biggest games.

Garza made Rays history by throwing a no-hitter against the Detroit Tigers. He dominated the game with his fastball and used off-speed pitches to throw the Tiger hitters off all game long. Garza showed he has the ability to dominate any team in the league.

Garza had an up and down season, which explain the 10 losses he suffered, but he was one of the Rays best pitchers. There have been a few rumors that he might be traded, but this is unlikely. He might end up as the Rays number two pitcher to start the 2011 season. Final grade: B+