So what have we learned from the first two games of the World Series?

By Jonathan Azares
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Oh, and one more thing, before I forget, Cleveland got rid of Derek Shelton after he pretty much destroyed the players’ swing especially Grady Sizemore. This fraud should be fired for screwing with what was, as evident in the 2008 season before he got here, a very successful hitting machine, but I digress. As I stated in a previous post, Joe Maddon’s style isn’t going to cut it in the post season. This match up and reactive style approach is good for the marathon run of the regular season. The post-season however, is a different kind of race. It’s a sprint and only the gutsiest and fastest contender is going to win. You need the killer instinct to be number one. These players on the Giants roster; everyone counted them out and god rid of them. They have something to prove and are not just happy to be there. They have the will to not just be successful, but impose that success over others who belittle their credibility. Until Joe Maddon, can find a way to incorporate an aggressive style to compliment his matchup routines then the Rays will be up stuck at this level, contending, but never being quite able to finish.