Assessing the players: Wade Davis

By Unknown author

Time to assess the final member of the Rays 2010 starting rotation (no I won’t cover Jeremy Hellickson here). Wade Davis had an up and down season. He started the season on a high note, then suffered several losses in a row, but finally rallied at the end of the season and became of the Rays most consistent arms in the rotation. Davis, a rookie this season, has proven he can dominate (won in Texas in the ALDS) and will be a big time pitcher for the Rays in the future. Time to take a closer look at the rookie.

Davis finished the 2010 season with a record of 12-10, an ERA of 4.07, while striking out 113 and walking 62. Davis pitched only 168 innings (injury forced him to miss a few starts) and gave up 165 hits and 24 home runs while hitters hit .255 against him. But the numbers really don’t tell the full story for Davis. In the beginning of the year, he was terrible, giving up hits and runs everywhere. But he got his game together and began to notch wins until he went down with a shoulder injury. When Davis returned, he was even more dominant, had much better control of his fastball and off-speed pitches.

Davis progressed well later in the season and showed to everyone that he will be a permanent pitcher for the Rays in the coming years. He has a good fastball (around 94) that has late movement as well. He also has great off-speed pitches and uses all of the plate to confuse hitters. In just his rookie year, Davis has earned his starting spot and will be right back there next year. Final grade: B